Grand Deliverable 4: Week 07

On the seventh week, we had a very important task to deliver, that are the three mock ups of our solution. We had a little bit of difficulty in the beginning, because we didn’t have enough time to do and also test them. Besides, we were a little bit confused of how to make it.
After some meetings, we divided tasks to each one, so we could optimize our time and do it on time. Some people were responsible of doing the mock ups and others focused on making the presentation. After that, we got all together and shared how it went.


week 7 01


On thursday, we had the fourth grand deliverable on the afternoon, and we did some testing during the the morning so we could have idea of how were our mock ups and if it was the right direction to make the prototype. After the presentations, we received a feedback of how to make our development of the prototype better and we got some suggestions to help us.

week 7 02

Next week, we are going to start our prototype, considering the feedback that we received and also with some information we are going to collect on our breakfast, next thuesday.

By: Beatriz.

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