WEEK 8 – Preparing for the Final Deliverable

No better way to start a new week than a national holiday – Navy day. We charged our batteries and got ready for this week’s challenges.

Tuesday started with a breakfast organized by us. We decided to pamper our beloved colleges with chocolate cakes. After that we quickly jumped to the action. All the Lapassion students together with Andrea, were discussing about the objectives of the project. That was very good conversation and gave us a lot to think this more objectively.

We tried to be very effective and objective on our working, but this week we also got really tired of the progress checkings by the school authorities. We lost a lot of time making presentations of unfinished ideas which can’t truly be explained clearly and therefore the feedback was also mostly in vain.

Nevertheless, after a little frustration we figured out our final approach to the solution. We worked real hard on making the service complete and creating a business model on it. Also the prototype was putted on action as we create a video prototype of the service.

At the end of the week we got the instructions for the Final Deliverable and started to take them in account on our process. We divided all the necessary tasks and are working very efficiently through Trello, the task organizer.

Our attitude for the next week is battleface.


Written by Joni Ramu