Week 9 – Pitching our solution

Week 9 was pretty hectic. Thursday was the day of internal final deliverable. That was the big target of the week.

We started the week by working on divided tasks regarding the last deliverable. We were meant to deliver 3 minute pitch, poster explaining our solution and process and a prototype of our solution. On Monday’s class after some Spanish presentations we were able to continue working on project and that was where we made our internal deadlines and divided all the tasks for the week. Later at the evening Camila and Joni attended a infographic class at Duoc, aiming to understand better how the poster could be presented clearly.

On Tuesday morning was the last breakfast of the Lapassion. A little sad. How ever, we continued working on the project. Prototype was the priority one since it was the hardest one to finish. We decided to present a video prototype of our service.

On Wednesday we focused on the pitch and the prototype. Poster was already finished. The prototype took a lot of effort since we decided to produce it as a combination of real footage and animated elements. Schedule started to narrow down and pressure started to grow.

Thursday was the day of deliverable. It started to be clear that we couldn’t deliver the prototype on time. That’s why we had to make a quick sketch about the prototype as a slideshow. It’s unfortunate but our internal deadlines were not realistic enough. We have to create the prototype for the next weeks grand final. Nevertheless, our poster and pitch was prepared. When the time came we pitched our solution and showed the poster. Regardless of a little technical problems with presentation equipment, our pitch and poster was good. Only small adjustments and aligning information.

On Friday we met to figure out the situation with the prototype. We decided to approach it in a new way. We will produce a stop-motion video to explain our solution, instead of animation. This will be easier and quicker as well as maybe more clear. We divided tasks between prototype, adjusting the poster and the pitch to make everything done according to our new solid internal deadlines.

The weekend will be the last of ours here in Chile. So we’ll take everything out of it. Working will continue hard and effectively next week.

Written by Joni Ramu

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