Beatriz Bandeira – Brazil


It’s almost in the end and we still had so much to do this week: Prototype, posters and presentations. Besides, at the same time trying to control the nervousness.

We divided tasks so we could deliver everything on time and we had some difficulty to try to do our prototype. While I and other students focused on the details of the prototype, another colleague started to make the video.

Until Wednesday, we couldn’t finish our prototype and we decided to come with a fast solution for the next day’s delivery: we created a power point presentation with all the details that we had thought and the images we had drew for ourselves.

On the final delivery, we were the last group to present and I think because of that, we didn’t have a lot of time to the feedback, but I believe we had the necessary critics to improve for the DEMO DAY.

So, I am nervous with next week, but also really proud and happy of our project’s solution. I hope everything goes well and we get the feeling of a well done work.

week 9 01.jpeg

Poster for our last presentation


Behind the scenes of our new group photo


This week I started to get nervous for the final delivery, because we need to do the prototype and also test it, but for us is a little bit difficult, since we have to do a video explaining our solution and it takes time.

While we had to deliver our solution very well detailed, we were also responsible for the breakfast that happened last Tuesday. It was an amazing day because after that we had a brainstorming activity in which we had some help from other teams and teacher Andrea.

week 8 01

On the other days we put on Trello all the tasks that we had to do until the internal final delivery and it was good because we divided tasks for each member and we were able to work out of the Dome (sometimes it’s difficult to think and work there).

On Friday, we had a special workshop of how to do a storyboard, and it was great for us, since we are going to create a system, and it is a really good tool to explain our solution and how It works.

This next week we have a lot to do and I really hope we can develop a good prototype for our challenge. So, see you next week!



This week we had the challenge of making mock ups, which i had no idea of what it was before the project. We divided our solution in three parts, so we could make one mock up to each one of them, to make it easier for us to understand in which part we had to work more.

Since we had too much thing to do and not too much time, we divided ourselves and i was responsible of making one of the mock ups, the part related to the whole system we have to create.

We had to make our presentation and this week i did it on my own. I was a little bit nervous, but at the same time my teammates encouraged me and i could deliver our three mock ups and testing  part. After that, we had a feedback session, where our coordinators gave us some critics to improve our solution.

week 7 03

Next week we have a lot to do, because it is our breakfast time and we have to make our prototype, so we are going to try to conect them and make the best we can.

See you next week!


On this sixth week we had one big goal that is to make a pitch for our counterpart showing everything we have been doing so far and how we intend to solve the problem we were given. But first, we had to develop more our solutions, because we didn’t think they were very well explained. We stayed up late at the Dome on monday, and we finally did it.

week 6 01

We divided tasks for our team because we needed to start to work on the presentation and also do an exercise that teacher Constanza sent for us.

The exercise was to find two objects or more to do reverse engineering. We took the clock and the alarm clock to work with.I really loved this activity because i could remember of my course and how i am missing it.

week 6 02.jpeg

The presentation on thursday was great, we saw the other groups’ solutions and i am really happy of the development of each one. We also showed our counterpart our solutions and he gave us some advices of how to continue, but he really liked them.

week 6 03

After that we had a Network session on the same place and we had a great time meeting some of the other counterparts, special visitors from Europe, the coordinators of the project and our colleagues.


I believe that after this presentation we had a gasp of enthusiasm and we are more determined to do the best with this project as we were in the beginning.

See you next week!


This week was smaller than I thought. With the holiday, we had to divide tasks so we could work separately, but it was a little bit difficult to us to share it by skype. But, we managed to do it, and started to work on our proper focus field research.

We had to work so much more because we had less time to develop our ideas of solutions and work on our presentation, since we had to start from the beginning again last week.

By wednesday, we had most of our work done, but we couldn’t finish our solutions because we were so burnt out, so we decided to rest and on the other day we concluded then. I believe we can develop them more, but i am very happy with what we got so far.

week 05 photo 1

Our presentation went really good, but since we didn’t have so many time to focus on the design of the presentation, it did not looked so professional and visual appealing. This is something we are going to work more this week, because we learned from Teacher Constanza that even if we had an amazing research and project development, if we do not make a good presentation, it worths nothing.

week 05 photo 2

In conclusion, this next week we have to work on our presentation to the counterpart and the development of our ideas for solutions. I hope we can create great ones, so we can feel fulfilled with the project and ourselves.

So, see you next week!



We completed one month of LAPASSION PROJECT and every week we have more and more work to do.

The fourth week started with teacher Constanza going to talk to each group, to see how the first grand deliverable went and see how our project is going. When she went to our group, she told us it would be better to change our opportunities because they were very general and not very good. So, we worked on that and came to a different opportunity, which she said it was better.

On Tuesday, we had a class on a different place called IF Blanco Recoleta, where we had an activity to know each person of our team better and see how our group could improve. Probably this was the highlight of this week, because we developed our communication with each one. After that, we showed our new opportunity to Andrea and she said that we could do better, so we were a little bit lost about how we could solve our challenge.

Therefore, we decided that each person was going to revise all our research material and on the next day we would start all over again. And that’s what we did. On Wednesday, we stayed at the dome until we get our new opportunity and that is “to help elderly leave their comfort zone by creating a positive and beneficial experience around getting to the park”, and we were all very happy with it.

And on Thursday we restarted our field research focusing on this new opportunity, so we could be ready until next Thursday for our second Grand Deliverable.

Thus, I am a little bit nervous to see how this next week is going to be and so excited to continue this work with our new opportunity.


presentation 1 (opportunities)

This third week started with a very important thing to do: we had to deliver the first presentation on Thursday, in which we should show three opportunities to work in for the rest of the project.

On Monday, on teacher Constanza’s class, we started to know a little bit about how to make sketches and she introduced us to some objects that could help us, like sharpie markers.

On Tuesday we started to focus on our presentation, so after the class with Andrea, we reunited to see everything that we had of research materials (interviews, observations, data, etc) and we developed our four personas. After that, I did some interviews on my way home, so we could have more information about our personas.

On Wednesday, we went to the dome early, to be able to find our opportunities and finish our presentation on time. In the beginning it was a little bit difficult because we didn’t understand that much how to do it, but after some study, we were able to create three opportunities to work on. They include everything that we saw on our research and the counterpart wishes for this project, that is the interaction of elder-nature, elder-family and to make the parks more known. All the opportunities are on our group weekly post.

On Thursday, our presentation was in the afternoon, so during the morning we finished some details of the slides and practiced what we had to say (because we only had ten minutes).

So, we made the presentation and after that, teachers Andrea and Catalina gave us feedback about it. They showed us some things that we could work on to make our project and future presentations better. I thought that was a great experience because we could see how to improve ourselves and, consequently, our development of the project.


reunião dia 12.04

This second week was pretty intense for me. I finally saw how much we have to work in a short time.

We had some classes to atend, and in DUOC we had to make our first “informal presentation”, to show our supervisors what we have done so far. We also met our counterpart, to get more information of how we’re going to work and solve the problem. Besides, we created our interview map and our protocols, so we could start making the interviews with people.

On the interviews, we visited such beautiful parks and interviewed amazing people, that are from here, that came from different countries to tourist, and we were able to see and find some stuff to narrow our problem.

So, i can resume this week in one sentence: “the more you work, the better results you will find”, because we had so many things to do, but i’m so happy with that, because now we know what people, specially the elders, think about this problem, and so, we can work to make our best to solve it.



primeira aula na DUOC

This week was very important for me, because I could meet the other students, know who is my team and, most of all, get to know more about this project and how we’re going to develop it.

On Monday and Wednesday we went to teacher Constanza’s class, which we learned how to make a presentation and saw her students doing theirs, so we could start to see in practice how it is going to be for us.

On Thursday, we went to DUOC UC Campus Antônio Varas to our first class with teacher Andrea. On the class, we made a dynamic which was great because we were able to know more not only about our colleagues of LAPASSION, but also our team partners. After that, we had a class to learn how to development a project with step-by-step. On the same class, we put what we learned in practice, trying to solve a problem that was given to us. This was the best class for me, because I saw how this project is going to be and how we must work.

In conclusion, this week was so different to me, but at the same time, very helpful, because I could see how much I’ll learn in these ten weeks, and I’m so happy to know that this project is going to help a lot of people, not only in Santiago, but our whole planet.