João Bernardes – Brazil

Week 9

During the week 9 we had the last class with Dilab, the last breakfast of LaPassion Project and the last presentation before the Demoday.

We worked on the project, developing the prototype, the poster and the presentation. We were doing the prototype video about or solution that consist in a transport system that will pass in specifically bus stops, in specifically hours pick up the elders. Together the transportation system we have a system of activities in different parks. The elders going to the park practice the activities, and after the transportation will leave them in home. The activities in the parks will change weekly.

On Thursday, we made a presentation for all the teachers and they made considerations about our graphic presentation, poster and prototype.  On the next week, we will work on the suggestions on our project, and in the prototype.

We are near to the end.



Pôster presentation.


Week 8

During the week 8, our group organized the breakfast of the week on Tuesday. After the breakfast, the teacher Andrea answered some questions for us about the way to do the prototype, the demoday and other questions. After this moment, all the groups had a brainstorm session. Each group made a question about your problem that we want to have been answered.

breakfast Breakfast 2


The brainstorm works this way, the group asks questions about your problem. After, all the other groups do suggestions for the theme. At the end, the group have many ideas for the solution or for the prototype.

After the session of brainstorm, we had to make a short presentation with these new ideas for the teacher, having a feedback.

On the other days of the week, we worked on the prototype, discussing about the problem, the solution, and the way to do the prototype. We decided to make a video about our service, integrating the transportation system with the activities in the park.

We are on the final step of the program, and we have a lot of work to do.


Week 7

On the week 7 the team had another challenge, do and test the mockups about the solutions. We had classes with teacher Constanza, on Monday and Wednesday. On Wednesday, the students made the final presentation about your challenge, and the teacher and the collaborators did yours considerations. This presentation is in the same model of the pitch in demoday (last day of the program, on what we going to do the final presentation).

The group worked on the Domo after the classes, developing the solution and creating ideas for the mockups.

On Thursday, we had to make a presentation about the mockups, your functioning are and your benefits. The teachers made considerations about our work and about the solution.



This week was a good challenge for me, because I had to comprehend the method to make the mockup and work in it.  However, is great because I feel we are in the correct way, and in the final step. Now we have to test more the mockups and do the corrections necessary.


Week 6 

The week 6, reserve many challenges for us. On Monday, we had classes on Puc, and after the class, we had meetings on Domo. The students from Dilab showed your prototypes for us, students of LaPassion. This is good for me to have a better idea of the process, beginning on the problem until the prototype.

On Tuesday, we had a breakfast of group 3 on Duoc Design Factory. The group prepare for us one activity. We had to construct one tower using foods, the result was funny. After the breakfast, we worked on the project, because we had a presentation.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-13 at 20.04.47 (1)

Tower constructed with foods.

On Wednesday, all the students had class about reverse engineering. We took objects related with our work and destroyed it, learning about the process. After the class, we continue developing the solutions for our problem.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-09 at 16.50.51 (1)

Alarm clock destroyed after class.

Our presentation were on Thursday, and we had to do a presentation for our counterpart, showing the solution. The counterpart did suggestions for our work.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-13 at 20.04.45


On Friday occurred on Puc the workshop of entrepreneurship. It was a good experience know more about other projects developed on the university.


Week 5

During the week 5, the group had to prepare the focus of research, choosing one opportunity and developing it, to find possible solutions. We made meetings on skype, divide tasks and discuss about the theme.

On Wednesday morning, we meet on domu (the space dedicated for us) and started to work on our tasks and in the presentation. On the afternoon, we had classes with teacher Constanza, and after class, we finished our presentation.

On Thursday, we made a presentation for the teachers. The presentation contained the possible solutions for the problem, and they are:

  • Make a together hour, moment where the neighborhood change in order to stimulate the connection with other people.
  • To create a music game during the journey to the park that make the elders feel like the main character.

In this phase of the project, we will work with the development of the solutions. This will be a challenge for me, because the group will have to draw the solutions (mockups).


Week 4

In this week of program LaPassion we had classes of the teacher Constanza on Monday. In this day we had on activity with the monitors Leonardo and Pablo. In this activity they show a vídeo for us and we had to find the problem, the opportunity, and the solution. After the class we meeting on domo.

On Tuesday we had a breakfast of the group 2. The breakfast was realize on IF recoleta. This place have one space called Aguas lab, and we work into there. We had a activity in group to know the good and the bad points of the group, the objective is improve the experience of work.

if blanco

IF Blanco Recoleta

On the Wednesday the students of constanza make a presentation about your projects, and solutions. After the class we meet on domo to find the oppportuunity and decided what is the focus of our research.

next steps

Next steps.

On Thursday morning, we finished the focus of research, and talk with teacher Andrea about our opportunity. On the affternoon we had interviews about the new protocol.

After the activity realized on Thursday, I felt the work in my group is better. We corrected the negative points and enhancing the good.


Week 3 

In the week 3 of Project LaPassion, our work was more clear for me. We had classes with the teachers Constanza and Andrea.

In the Constanza’s classes, she show to us how to make a drawing, and what materials we use for this. Andrea told for us, how we make the opportunities and “Personas” description of the people of interviews.

On Thursday, we made a presentantation for the teachers about the challenge and about the opportunities. He had to find 3 opportunities to resolve the problem of the elders. The teachers Andrea and Catarina, made considerations of our presentation, and for our improve.

The program LaPassion have a great objective, and is very importante the group work and the cooperation.  All this, is contributing for my personal growth.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-22 at 15.15.58.jpeg

Group discussing about “Personas”


Week 2 

In the second week of the program LaPassion, we developed more details about the project. We made an interview map with some topics, and after that, we elaborated these topics, getting now the questions of the interview.

On Tuesday we had a meeting with our counterpart, the coordinator of the metropolitan parks of Santiago. We made questions about the parks, and he gave some suggestions for us. This form we improve our research and our work.

We made interviews with the elders in the parks of the city. We did a schedule for the next week, dividing some tasks among us. I did some researchs about our theme, reading articles and notices, improving our work.

The second week was good, in my opinion, because the team made progress in the challenge, allowing us to have a better vision of our work and objective.


WhatsApp Image 2018-04-15 at 17.15.54

Meeting of the group on tuesday.


Week 1

On Monday and Wednesday we had a class with teacher Constanza at PUC’s DiLab. In these classes we had a notion of how to make a presentation, being careful with the language used and other details. In the Wednesday the regular students of PUC, makes a presentation resolving different problems of the daily.  We learn how to take an opportunity to resolve the problem.

On Thursday, we have a moment with all the team at Duoc, important for us students to get to know each other better. That same day, we worked with our own team to resolve a problem that was given in the room. In this problem we have a dog called Nilo. He have many harms, caused by the process of haircut. The group have to find a solution for this problem making a prototype of the solution.

This week was good for me, because I met all the students of the program and have contact with them. I hope contribute with the objective of the program contributing my experience and my knowledge.