Joni Ramu – Finland – Team Coordinator and Budget

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International relations have always been close to my mind. At this point of my studies I got a chance to be a part of an international project. It was a quick notice for me as I knew only two weeks before the departure that I was going to be here. Be that as it may, I don’t regret the decision for a minute.


I have been studying business at two levels of Finnish education. My majors are Entrepreneurship, Team Leadership and International Trade. My studies at the Proakatemia (Entrepreneurial campus of TAMK) consist of real client projects, expanding substance competence through books and improving team skills through team-learning-workshops.

At Proakatemia I have focused on financial services, coaching and public speaking. I have been a finance manager of our team company for a year and beside that I have been consulting other companies for financial arrangements. I also own a business of finance coaching for high school students with my colleague. On the top of that I have been doing a lot of public speaking and after this Lapassion project, I am starting to do some voice over work like audio books etc.


Most of all I expect to improve my team working skills through the multilingual and multidisciplinary challenges. I also look forward to gathering some new knowledge regarding my business understanding at international fields. And of course, contacts all around the world.

Victoria Horn – Chile – External Contacts Coordinator

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I am Victoria Horn, student of Agronomic Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved learning, discovering and creating new things.  My love for science runs deep: it is rooted in a sense of wonder at the inner workings of nature.  This is what led to my chosen career, an area of science in which I get to study the environment and create new technology to help society interact with it in the most fruitful way.  I made this choice with the knowledge that I was entering a world ripe with opportunities for positive change and that I wanted to be an active part of that change. This, so far, has translated into working as an undergraduate teaching assistant, being at the helm of a student organized organic garden (BioHuertoUC), developing my own project to help Chilean husbandry (MUP project), and a strict work ethic and passion that I infuse into every class, hobby and personal project.  One thing I have not been able to do, though: learn the necessary skills to participate actively in innovation.

For a long time, I have longed to be a part of a project such as LAPASSION.  The opportunity to learn how to create and innovate side by side with students from all areas, countries and backgrounds is priceless.  I believe that in diversity lies an enormous wealth of ideas, inspiration, knowledge and problem-solving skills. Even more so, I believe that being to work with real problems alongside professionals is tremendous.  I am more than willing to put everything into the challenges that will be presented to us, because I believe that it could make a difference.

Beatriz Bandeira – Brazil – Technology

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My name is Beatriz Bandeira, I am twenty years old and I’m a Brazilian student of the fifth semester of control and automation engineering on the Federal Institute of Amazonas (IFAM).


I always wanted to travel to another city or country to work on a project and represent my institute and my state, so this LAPASSION project was perfect for me, because it made this wish come true.

Now, I’m here in Santiago de Chile to develop a project that will be able to help the elderly people, not only in this country, but all over the world.


I am studying control and automation engineering for three years now and I am part of the academic center of my course.

Besides that, I have a B1 level of Spanish and an advanced level of English.


This project is an incredible opportunity for me, because it will help on my personal and professional development and, most of all, the capacity of creating a whole new project with people of other countries.

I hope me and my team can develop a project that will be used by a lot of people, not only in Santiago, but in all of the countries.

Joao Bernardes – Brazil – Team Record Keeper

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Who are you?

My name is João Vitor, I’m 21 years old. I am student of biological science at the IFTM in campus Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Why are you here?

Knowing the people from diferents countries and different institutions is very enriching. I am participating in the program because the objective of improving conditions for the aging of the population is very interesting.  Besides that all knowledge and information is important for my formation.  

What are your expertises?

I am a undergraduate student of biological science in IFTM. Before this, I studied two years of agronomic engineering in the same institution. I always want to be a teacher, and in my course, I have many practices to improve this. I have been working in a research project with a biological control to insects, using a bacterium called Bacillus thuringienis.       

What do you expect of the project?

The proposal of work of the program will be a great challenge for me that I am not inside the area of ​​technology, but very gratifying. I always works with projects involved with biological area; it is a surprise work with technology, resolving the problems of population.

Camila Casas – Uruguay – Team Designer

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Design, how is it? Difficult answer…

During my university career I have faced different and probably antagonistic conceptions of design. In Uruguay, the main focus of design is to assist the business productive sector, which works especially on the market demands. Although, under a minor scale, design is recently working with and for a purpose of fulfill the real necessities of the society, contributing to improve the people quality of life. Thus, is that concept of design that I can identify with, and where I am interested to develop professionally.


As this educational opportunity has been presented, apart from the thematic being linked to my interests and academic training, it awakens my curiosity and expectations. The name chosen to present it : “LAPASSIÒN”, two words that work like one, the connection between English and Spanish , the north and south, and its meaning , an intense engine that does not know any impossible.. tells me that I want to be part of this!

The idea of generate a new and common language, a different and innovative way to approach where not everything has been said and the different ways can be unique and infinite, where the search to solutions is on the direct exchange between us.


I understand this academic training as a way through a possible realization of the design I believe in, an opportunity to apply it, to learn it, to exchange and contribute.

I feel encouraged and inspired, deeply believe in the nourishing role of team work, along with the enrichment of create and construct from different places, knowledges and perspectives, we will generate an engine, a propeller, to enable new settings and to guarantee that the improvement of the quality of life become a democratic power.